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Winning 8 awards, ranking first in the Bay Area counties and districts! The South China Sea region performed outstandingly in the fourth "Bay Hig


On February 10th, the 2022 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area High Value Patent Cultivation and Layout Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Bay High Competition") held an award ceremony in Foshan City, recognizing 50 patent projects that won gold, silver, and excellent awards in the final. The South China Sea enterprises in this year's "Bay High School Competition" have performed outstandingly and achieved impressive results, winning 1 gold award, 3 silver awards, and 4 excellent awards. The number of awards has reached the highest level in history, ranking first in the five districts of Foshan City, and they are also in a leading position among the counties and districts in the Bay Area.


Based on comprehensively summarizing and inheriting the successful experiences of the previous three competitions, the 2022 Bay Area High School Tournament adheres to the guidance of high quality, further expands the scope of participation, and focuses on the Bay Area and radiates internationally. It is worth mentioning that the "Bay High Competition" has been selected as one of the first batch of typical cases for the construction of an intellectual property country released by the Inter-ministerial Joint Conference Office of the State Council on the Implementation of the Intellectual Property Strategy. This represents that the brand effect of the "Bay High Competition" in radiating intellectual property cooperation and development in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area has become prominent.


In recent years, Nanhai District has taken part in the "Gulf High tech Competition" as a high-level platform for cultivating and building a benchmark innovation subject of intellectual property rights. On the one hand, with the help of the strict evaluation standards of the event, it has helped enterprises to make up for weaknesses and strengthen technology in benchmarking and further improve their innovation ability. Nanhai District has also achieved an award from one project in 2020, two projects in 2021, and the Dafengshou (Salad of assorted fresh vegetables) of this event, The cultivation of high-value patents in the South China Sea has attracted attention from multiple parties, and the innovation level of enterprises has reached a new level; On the other hand, by borrowing platform resources and taking the transfer and transformation of intellectual property rights as the entry point, financial means are used to promote the docking, investment, and implementation of intellectual property projects for South China Sea enterprises, helping enterprises truly transform "intellectual property" into "assets" and enhancing their innovation and development advantages.


The 8 award-winning units in the South China Sea this time are concentrated in the manufacturing industry and technology innovation based on manufacturing, marking another batch of benchmark innovation entities in the South China Sea region embarking on a journey of high-quality development, and indicating that the cultivation of high-value patents in the South China Sea region has reached a new height.


This bay high school competition also facilitated cooperation intentions between Foshan and multiple award-winning units such as Guangdong Huixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and signed a letter of intent for the landing of patent projects.


Since the launch of this year's "Bay High School Competition", the Market Supervision Bureau of Nanhai District has attached great importance to organizing and mobilizing a total of 64 innovative entities, intellectual property service institutions, financial institutions, and venture capital institutions in their jurisdiction to participate in the competition through extensive publicity, on-site visits, and key guidance.


The relevant person in charge of the Market Supervision Bureau of Nanhai District introduced that in the next step, Nanhai District will aim to promote high-quality economic and social development, improve the intellectual property policy system, and increase policy support for the transformation and utilization of intellectual property, administrative protection, and public services; Optimize the mechanism of intellectual property work, promote the demonstration and creation of intellectual property advantages in towns (streets) with good industrial foundation and strong innovation demand; Strengthen the coordination and linkage of policies on intellectual property, technology, industry, etc., form policy overlap, amplify policy leverage effect, comprehensively improve the level of intellectual property creation, application, protection, management, and service, and consolidate the foundation of intellectual property development in the entire region.



List of winners in the South China Sea region


Gold Award 1: Guangdong Huixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd


3 Silver Awards:


Foshan Xianyang Technology Co., Ltd


Guangdong Gaopu Bending Technology Co., Ltd


Guangdong Original Point Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd


4 Outstanding Awards:
Ji Hua Laboratory


Guangdong Fenghua Zhuoli Technology Co., Ltd


Foshan Baosuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Foshan Nanhai Dongfang Aolong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Source of this article: the Pearl River Times All media reporter Yan Jiayao Correspondent Shen Danping Yan Juanxia