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  • Five-axis laser machining center LASER 532
  • 1. Introduction to the machine tool

    (1) Using high-performance ultra-short pulse (picosecond) laser, with unique laser processing technology, the superhard materials (such as CBN, PCD and CVD-D, etc.) are processed in a five-axis linkage way to achieve complex contour processing, and achieve excellent surface quality and knife edge quality;
    (2) In the external optical path, a 0.7um high-precision adjustment mechanism and a zero-drift high-stability frame structure are adopted to increase the stability of the optical path transmission system, thereby providing a guarantee for the stability of the size of the processed workpiece;
    (3) By integrating the galvanometer / laser control system, CCD correction system, Renishaw detection system and numerical control system, it can not only realize the rapid modeling of the software interface, but also directly import the externally drawn graphic files into the system, simply realize the customization of the laser ablation path, and make the man-machine interface more simplified;
    (4) The laser scanning unit moves synchronously with the mechanical numerical control axis, so as to produce the geometry of the tool. The addition of ultrafast lasers reduces the range of sharp edges of the cutting edge from the traditional 5-10um to 1.5-5um.

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